BLOG ARCHIVE | 5 Steps to a Safer Warehouse

Written by Karina Kedaitis


What defines a safe warehouse? There are so many different areas in a single facility that can either make or break a warehouse’s success in terms of their level of safety. We’ve broken down warehouse safety into what we believe are the top 5 categories to address on your road to a safer operation.


#1. Protection for Personnel

It goes without saying that your team and other personnel in the warehouse should be protected above all else. The use of warehouse guard rails is crucial for protecting walkways or in-plant offices. Our industrial guard railing is designed with 4-way set-up capabilities so you can create the shape (and height) that you need to protect what matters most.



#2. A Clear Path for Forklift Traffic

In addition to guarding walkways, it's often a good idea to guard pallet rack systems along busy aisles and corners. Forklift traffic is an inevitable component of any warehouse, and sometimes bumps or scrapes happen in the day to day commotion. By installing end-of-aisle protectors, you're keeping a clear and distinct path for traffic, while also protecting the base of your pallet rack. Not only will this add an element of safety for drivers, it will also add longevity to pallet rack by eliminating the chance of cutting a corner too close and damaging low level beams and columns. 



#3. Protect Inventory & Storage Systems

Column guards and post protection accessories address needs like the ones mentioned above. With column guards or post protection in place, pallet rack can be saved from denting, scraping, or worse. The WorldRAM column protection guard, combining the strength of steel and the elasticity of rubber, creates an elevated level of protection against accidental impact from forklifts. Accessories like this will keep your rack columns straight, sturdy, and untouched. 



#4. Fire Safety

Fire safety should be a constant priority in every warehouse. With Worldwide's patented design, the WorldStop will regulate pallet placement to keep flue spacing consistent and uniform. This flue spacing is crucial in terms of fire safety, allowing smoke to filter up and out, rather than keeping heat and smoke trapped among your stored inventory. The WorldStop is low profile, easy to install, and complies with fire code requirements. The WorldStop allows you to keep fire safety a top priority without even thinking about it. 



#5. Repair Possible Hazards

Damaged pallet rack can be extremely dangerous. Dented columns can create weak points along the base of your pallet rack system.  Many damages go untreated because of the hassle it takes to move inventory and install new pallet rack. This poses one of the most serious safety issues a warehouse can have. Strong, reliable pallet rack means safety for your assets and of course, your staff.  With Worldwide's rack repair solutions, your pallet rack can be repaired quickly, effectively, and can usually be done without removing any inventory from shelves.



With these 5 areas of focus, Worldwide can make the road to a safer warehouse feel easy as well as effective. Our experts are here to help along the way. Does your warehouse pass the test of these 5 categories?


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