BLOG ARCHIVE | Container Customization to Meet Any Need

Written by Karina Kedaitis


We might talk a big game about our wire mesh baskets but it’s not just because they are the #1 selling wire mesh container in the world. There’s much more than meets the eye with this extremely versatile storage solution. The customization options for our wire mesh containers allow you to accommodate the unique needs of whatever you’re storing inside! 



At Worldwide, we love versatility. Our wire mesh baskets can be topped off with a hinged lid or a removable lid - your choice! Our baskets can also be stacked and stored without a lid at all, if desired.  Whichever version you choose will still allow for easy access and industrial strength enclosure.





Organization is a big reason our wire mesh containers are always in demand. For situations needing compartmentalized storage within the basket, we’ve created low profile, high efficiency dividers. These wire mesh dividers are a popular add-on that can be inserted to divide the basket into either 2 or 4 sections.  This optional feature is perfect for utilizing the full container space while keeping different products organized and stored in one contained place.




All of our baskets come with attached feet that allow for safe stacking of up to 4 baskets... But this won’t get in the way of more customizing options for the base of your basket! Add on lockable casters for extremely easy transportation you can achieve safely without a second set of hands.

If you anticipate a lot of forklift handling with your container, Worldwide can add fork pockets or fork stirrups along the bottom. These additions will improve stability when picked up with a forklift, in turn adding an element of safety for your forklift driver.  





As always, Worldwide gives you the option of color customization. Leave the weather proof, galvanized finish of our standard containers or choose any color powder coating to match your brand’s color scheme! This is also a great way to color coordinate inventory or part numbers for easy identification when storing.




We take your storage needs seriously and we're here to help you find the perfect solution.
Worldwide's wire mesh containers are trusted by some of the biggest operations in the entire world.
We want to bring that level of strength and efficiency to YOUR warehouse.

Contact our experts today and get started on your warehouse revolution! 





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