As the industry’s leading pallet rack repair provider, Worldwide Material Handling’s expert staff will guide you through a complete step-by-step process to repair your pallet rack damage correctly and safely. We help our customers properly identify the danger signs of pallet rack damage and the at-risk conditions that may exist in your warehouse. Our staff has an average of 20 years of pallet rack industry experience and we are specifically trained to conduct a professional evaluation of your pallet rack damage.


STEP 1: Survey

The first step in any pallet rack repair process is a properly executed survey. A proper rack repair survey will identify the pallet rack components that show visible signs of pallet rack damage or distress and are ranked according to severity.

These surveys must be performed by a qualified and properly trained pallet rack professional who is skilled in pallet rack damage inspection and repair solutions. An accurate rack repair survey will include detailed information such as:

  • Identify the location of the pallet rack damage
  • Record visible rack damage
  • Select the correct repair solution

In most cases, we can classify all pallet rack damage in one of the three levels of severity as follows:


  • Critical/severe pallet rack damage - Immediate action required
  • Significant deformations greater than ½”
  • Missing or broken components
  • Broken welds or torn metal
  • Original capacity has been severely compromised


  • Moderate rack damage - Additional attention recommended
  • General deformations up to ½”
  • Slightly bent or twisted components
  • Original capacity has been compromised


  • Light rack damage - Observation recommended
  • Cosmetic and light surface damage
  • Keep under observation for worsening condition
  • No immediate action required

STEP 2: Quote

Once the survey is complete, we will provide a proposal that details the location of each damaged pallet rack, level of severity for each rack, description of the recommended repairs, and cost for the repair project.

Materials and labor costs will be itemized and a total cost will be provided. Rack repairs can be broken down into phases to help keep within a specific budget.

The benefits of repairing warehouse pallet rack damage are summarized below for your review:

Cost-effective: Repairing the damaged pallet rack frame will cost less than replacing the frame

Risk Management: Protects your assets and reduces your liabilities

Efficient: Saves time and money, no unloading or disassembly is necessary and most repairs are done within 30 minutes

High ROI: Provides a permanent solution to your pallet rack damage and generates long term safety in the warehouse


STEP 3: Installation

Our full-time crews are professionally trained and highly skilled in the discipline of pallet rack repair installation.

Each rack repair crew has an average of 10 years of experience in pallet racking inspection and pallet rack repair installation. They have installed thousands of pallet rack damage repair kits and know that safety always comes first. We are effective communicators during the entire rack repair installation process to ensure that a safe and complete rack repair installation is done every time.

Each of our crews is equipped with specially designed lifting equipment to support the damaged pallet rack column while fully loaded, in the safest and most efficient way possible. This special equipment reduces the time for a correct repair to an average of 30 minutes and eliminates the need to unload the pallet rack. The 30 minute repair time is a fraction of the estimated 4 to 6 man-hours required to replace a single pallet rack frame.

We are a nationwide service provider and can accommodate off-shift or weekend schedules. Our pallet racking inspection and installation crews are fully insured against workmen’s compensation and liability while on your property.

Standard features include:


Standard pallet rack damage repairs are completed in 30 minutes or less with minimal amounts of unloading


Rack repair service crews are trained and certified to follow documented repair procedures


Our rack repair crews provide coast to coast installation services


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