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Written by Karina Kedaitis


The WorldTainer collapsible wire mesh container by Worldwide Material Handling is the #1 selling industrial wire mesh basket in the world...and for good reason!  These baskets are robotically welded to create an insane amount of strength for use in almost any warehouse application.  After welding, every basket is galvanized for an added level of durability and a finish that will hold up against rust and wear. Hot-dipped galvanization is offered for use in extreme environments or heavy outdoor usage. Powder coating is another finish option, which presents a unique opportunity to use custom colors in your warehouse.

Worldwide understands warehousing needs firsthand and has engineered the WorldTainer to save space in several ways. These containers are fully collapsible, which allows for easy transportation or to tuck away when empty. However, the WorldTainer can be a space-saver even when filled with goods! These baskets can hold up to 4,000 pounds each and are deemed safe to stack up to 10 baskets high (or 4 high if the baskets are fully loaded). All baskets feature a half-front drop gate on one side to access items with ease. Hinged lids and removable lids are also available to give you maximum security on stored goods.

Worldwide Material Handling has been manufacturing their wire baskets for decades and the team has witnessed countless applications of the WorldTainer. This is exactly why they have taken industrial basket capabilities a step further by creating accessories that may be added to any basket.

A standard basket comes on welded feet but users always have the option of upgrading to heavy-duty feet for even more stability. Another footing option gives you the choice of fork stirrups or fork pockets, which help prevent the basket from shifting during forklift handling. Adding foot runners to a basket remains a popular choice because it allows for stable storage on top of pallet rack. Lastly, lockable polyurethane casters are available for those wishing to quickly and easily transport the container on wheels.

With so many possible variations and customizing options, it’s no surprise that the WorldTainer is used all over the globe and remains the top choice for warehousing professionals world-wide.


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