BLOG ARCHIVE | Industrial Strength Bollards Are Here!

Written by Karina Kedaitis


Did you know that Worldwide manufactures bollards?

These industrial strength bollards are a newer addition to the Worldwide product family - here to make your warehouse a safer place!

Worldwide's bollards measure 42” tall with a 4.5” diameter pipe. Sitting on a 10” x 10” x ½” footplate, these bollards anchor to the floor for easy installation. They are powder coated in safety yellow for maximum visibility that will withstand harsh conditions. Most importantly, the industrial strength steel stands up to impact in a way other materials simply cannot. 

Bollards are a great example of very simple equipment making a noticeable impact in day-to-day operations. They can be used to guide vehicles, protect assets from warehouse traffic, and offer additional security inside or outside of a warehouse. With the use of bollards, there is no need to worry about delicate areas like exposed piping or loading bays. You can even create protected paths for foot traffic quickly and easily. 

Choosing the right pieces to protect your facility is a decision we believe is of the utmost importance. Whether your needs are standard or unique, Worldwide will bring the quality and strength to make a difference during those unexpected moments that count for a lot. For safety you can count on, turn to Worldwide Material Handling for bollards, guard rail, pallet rack protection, and so much more! 






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