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Written by Karina Kedaitis


A long-standing tradition at Worldwide is the annual WorldClub award. This award originally started as a way for Worldwide to recognize their top dealers of the year with a plaque to add onto annually. Being a more established award now, the WorldClub has evolved from a “thank you” sentiment into a source of friendly competition and a fun sales motivator for dealers.


Here’s how it works...


The WorldClub is awarded for sales volume on four levels:

  •     Bronze Award          $200,000 to 499,999
  •     Silver Award            $500,000 to 999,999
  •     Gold Award              $1,000,000 to 1,999,999
  •     Platinum Award       $2,000,000 and higher




The fun doesn't stop once you've received the award, though! Achieving higher levels within the award is Worldwide's way of cheering dealers on from the sidelines, with opportunities to out-shine themselves every time award season rolls around. Each year a level is achieved, dealers receive a block that fits onto the award to represent all current and past level achievements. From there, many dealers aim to jump to the next level in the following year... and oftentimes they do!


This visual representation of growth and commitment has created a way for internal goals to be met and also presents an opportunity to build rock solid relationships between manufacturer and dealer as the years go on. Achieving such a large volume of sales is, in itself, something to be proud of. Because the WorldClub is only presented to less than 1% of material handling distributors nationally, there may be some extra bragging rights for those able to achieve the hefty sales volume each additional level requires. 


We are thrilled to present these awards to some very deserving, hardworking representatives. All of us at Worldwide take great pride in awarding you for your many examples of excellence! Congratulations to everyone receiving a WorldClub this year!




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