BLOG ARCHIVE | U.S. Court of International Trade Upholds Commission Decision

In a final blow to Petitioners’ appeals,  the United States Court of International Trade has upheld an earlier determination by the U.S. International Trade Commission that domestic industry has NOT been materially threatened or harmed by imports of wire decking from China.  This decision re-affirms a second time that the Petitioners failed to provide any substantial evidence of harm or injury and describes the Petitioner’s claims as “unsupported”.

In 2009, the non-partisan U.S. International Trade Commission investigated and evaluated all relevant economic conditions associated with the wire decking industry including sales, market share, utilization and competitive business cycle. In a 2010 determination, it ruled against Petitioner’s (AWP Industries, Nashville Wire, ITC Manufacturing, J&L Wire, Wireway Husky) claims of unfair trade practices and material harm.

“The Petitioners have chosen to blame others  for their poor condition and poor practices.”  said Vic Kedaitis, President & CEO of Worldwide Material Handling. “It’s a big win for those that believe in free markets and the entrepreneurial spirit. We’re very pleased with the CIT’s decision and now it’s back to business” he said.


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