BLOG ARCHIVE | V-Nose Protectors Are A Warehouse Must-Have

Written by Karina Kedaitis


There’s a reason the V-Nose protector is Worldwide’s most popular pallet rack protection product! Small in size but big on results, this v-shaped post protector will guard the base of the pallet rack upright from being damaged during the everyday hustle of a warehouse. The v-shaped deflector absorbs impact from any angle and leaves nothing up to chance.

The V-Nose protector fits all 3” wide columns on any type of pallet rack and stands 4” high. This post protector is built with 5/16”-thick steel and mounts with a heavy-duty floor anchor so it’s always ready to absorb impact and maintain a dependable performance.

In addition to protecting against your average forklift, the V-Nose protector is the perfect defense for damage caused by reach trucks. Its 4” height allows the V-Nose protector to fit under low beam levels and protect your pallet rack from getting bumped by the reach truck’s outriggers.

Best of all, V-Nose protectors are available from stock, allowing us to get your order filled quickly! It’s the perfect time to keep safety on the brain and Worldwide is here to make it easy. Easy ordering, fast shipping, and simple installation are the only things standing in between you and a safer warehouse.

Custom sizes and designs are also available upon request. Contact our experts today for more information on how to... 



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