BLOG ARCHIVE | Worldwide Donation Helps Teach Welders of Tomorrow

Written by Karina Kedaitis


The material handling industry requires a vast amount of different skill sets from workers, but it also struggles with a severe lack of resources to properly train for many of these skills. The industrial world of material handling is not one of glamor, but it remains one of extreme importance in our society. For this very reason, many industry leaders are working harder and harder to show younger generations how successful and indispensable they can really become in this type of work.

In efforts to support education in their industry, Worldwide Material Handling recently donated some surplus welding equipment to the Advanced Welding Institute of Eagle River, Wisconsin. The Advanced Welding Institute is a specialized welding school where students receive highly personal, hands-on training through accelerated classes. When asked why this particular school was chosen for the donation, Worldwide’s President and CEO, Vic Kedaitis, mentioned that he was previously aware of the school as he knows the area well. “[AWI] is in a remote, rural area where money, jobs, and skills are scarce,” he said. “I feel that vocational schools get overlooked far too often and are in much greater need of support than well-known universities.”

As an industry veteran who remembers the learning curves a young person can face in this industry, Vic Kedaitis keeps the topic of education at the forefront of his mind and his company’s efforts. Worldwide also makes an annual contribution to the Howard Bernstein Scholarship Program, which grants money to students pursuing a career in material handling, industrial distribution, engineering, logistics, or supply chain operations. While this scholarship program is one of great importance to both Worldwide and its President, vocational education remains a valued source to the company and the industry it lives within. “The high demand for skilled workers with good training in traditional jobs like mechanics, electricians, service technicians, and welders grows each year and these jobs can provide outstanding career paths for young people,” Kedaitis added.

The Advanced Welding Institute is a valuable source because of its accredited courses, high percentage of hands-on learning, and their willingness to assist graduates with finding job opportunities.

Hopefully this donation assists AWI in their important work and helps inspire students who are pursuing a career path in an industry that continues to shape the entire world.


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