BLOG ARCHIVE | Worldwide Ends The Summer With A Bang


To celebrate the closing of a very busy summer, everyone at Worldwide’s headquarters gathered for some adventurous fun at The Forge.

Located in Lemont, Illinois near Worldwide’s headquarters, The Forge is a state-of-the-art adventure park tucked within a wooded quarry. It’s filled with rope courses, archery, kayaking, axe throwing, and more outdoor activities than you can fit into one afternoon.

For Worldwide’s President & CEO, it’s a heartfelt moment to host a company party within his own hometown. At one time, both this town and this company would be much too small to consider hosting this type of celebration. Nowadays, the Worldwide family and its surrounding areas continue to grow at a rapid pace together. For a handful of Worldwide employees, they’ve witnessed this growth over the course of a decade or more.

Employees at Worldwide range from 30 years of loyalty to just a few months’ experience. With the team expanding, so do the reasons to celebrate! This day of adventure at The Forge, however, is a celebration simply in the name of fun. With business busier than ever, taking time out for old fashioned fun becomes more and more important to the company.

As the colder months begin to encroach on Chicago, keeping fun in the equation becomes a little more challenging. Management, however, is confident that they have a few more ideas up their sleeve to keep it interesting. 







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