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By Courtney Zwintscher, Marketing Coordinator at Worldwide Material Handling

The 2013 National Safety Council (NSC) Expo kicks off September 30th in Chicago. It is the largest annual event in the country that raises awareness of today’s top safety products and practices. This is a great opportunity for manufacturing, industrial, and material handling companies to learn about the latest equipment, tools, and techniques that make for safer and cleaner working environments. Worldwide Material Handling, a leader in the material handling industry, will be represented at the popular show this year.

With a rich 20-year history, Worldwide Material Handling has showcased both innovation and passion for its manufacturing products. Recognized for its industrial grade, high strength, and durable goods, it is the largest manufacturer of industrial pallet rack accessories in the world. Worldwide Material Handling concentrates on four areas of business: wire mesh decks, wire mesh containers, pallet rack protection and pallet rack repair products.

The heavy duty wire products are one of the most commonly requested accessories in Worldwide Material Handling’s portfolio and are ideal for efficient storage of product. Wire mesh decks are much stronger and safer than wood, so it only makes sense that these products continue to grow in popularity. Furthermore, Worldwide Material Handling’s wire mesh containers are ultra-durable and perfect for holding and transporting the heaviest of materials.

Worldwide Material Handling offers nationwide pallet rack repair and protection solutions. They produce high quality and functional warehouse rack repair kits and offer post protection products for all warehouse systems.

Worldwide Material Handling joins 850 other safety, health, and environmental exhibitors at the NSC Expo. The exciting show takes place at the McCormick Place (West Building) in Chicago, Illinois. Pallet rack protection and pallet rack repair products will be only a few of the items showcased during the heavily trafficked three-day event. For more information on Worldwide Material Handling, visit

About the Author:

Courtney Zwintscher is the marketing coordinator for Worldwide Material Handling, the largest supplier of wire mesh decking in the world. Worldwide Material Handling specializes in custom pallet rack accessory orders that cater to warehouse needs. For more information, visit:


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