STORAGE | Wire Mesh Pallet Rack Dividers

Our WorldDeck wire mesh decking dividers are designed to provide customization for any pallet rack application. Our wire mesh dividers can be added to new or existing wire mesh decking to provide additional organization within the pallet rack system. We can manufacture custom sizes and styles of dividers for all pallet rack requirements.

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Pallet Rack Wire Deck Dividers

Hanging Divider

  • “Candy cane” style
  • Securely attaches between beam levels

Removable Lids

Snap-In Divider

  • Durable perimeter wire with heavy-duty clips
  • Maintains maximum versatility, allowing beam level changes
  • Easy to install
  • Securely snaps onto deck surface

Flue Space Dividers

Flue Space Divider

  • Divides the deck down the center to allow picking from both aisles

Removable Lids

Backstop Divider

  • Converts new or existing deck into a removable reverse waterfall application

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