BLOG ARCHIVE | 10 Years of Worldwide

Written by Karina Kedaitis


Ten years ago, Worldwide Material Handling set out against the odds and established themselves as what was about to be the next big deal in material handling. Today, Worldwide looks and functions on a much different level. With many of the original staff still on the team, the company’s starting point is well remembered even a decade later. President and CEO, Vic Kedaitis, recalled some milestones of the past decade during the annual staff meeting and luncheon, which brought both laughs and moments of reflection. Coincidentally, this celebration took place just 2 weeks before the U.S. outbreak of COVID-19 and now feels like somewhat of a well timed "last hurrah" before things got a little more complicated. While separation is a strange way to spend their 10th year in business, this team continues to stay united and supportive of each other - truly speaking to the unbreakable nature of what this company was founded on. 

Worldwide’s beginning was an uphill run, founded during the Great Recession in 2010. With their share of obstacles, a small team worked from dining tables to turn a vision into reality. Though many things at Worldwide are vastly different now, the staff comradery still seems to be instinctive. This was apparent during the recent staff meeting, when the company’s two original salesmen were pitted against each other in a friendly game of Worldwide trivia.

Now occupying 6 warehouses across the United States, Worldwide is setting standards for the wire decking industry and transforming warehouses with pallet rack accessories for some of the biggest operations in the world. Originally, their product catalog was comprised mostly of wire deck and pallet rack. While wire deck remains a core specialty, their product catalog has grown significantly.
Over the past 10 years, the company has focused intensely on developing accessories to add to pallet rack installations– enhancing organization, creating better usage of space, repairing danger zones and many other aspects that boost warehouse efficiency and longevity. Now, with a new focus on warehouse safety products, Worldwide looks to the next 10 years with plenty of enthusiasm.

As their product line continues to grow, so do the opportunities to raise the standards of warehouse safety.  Be sure to keep an eye on Worldwide Material Handling as they continue to build their own world of safe warehousing. 

Congratulations to Worldwide and all its staff for this exciting milestone! 


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