BLOG ARCHIVE | Divide and Conquer

Written by Karina Kedaitis

An unorganized warehouse is one of untapped potential. A lack of organization often dominoes into a lack of efficiency, a lack of professionalism, and in turn, a loss of sales. Luckily, Worldwide Material Handling knows the ins and outs of warehouse organization and is here to help you divide and conquer! 

Worldwide offers 4 different styles of pallet rack dividers — all of which are easy to install and can be added to any new or existing pallet rack. Shown below is the Hanging Divider, which attaches between beam levels for a hanging effect while remaining secure. Simply hook the divider arms to the underside of a wire mesh deck and the divider will hang below to bring you to a world of organizational possibilities.

The Snap-In Divider (shown below) is sought after for its very versatile design. This style is perfect for shelving with various beam levels and will not pose any issues if those beam levels change in the future. As its name suggests, simply snap it in place on any type of wire deck and that's all there is to it. Easily create various sized compartments for product organization and say goodbye to clutter. 


The Backstop Divider (shown below) creates a reverse waterfall-style barrier at the back of any wire deck shelving. This divider is easy to install and also easy to remove. Use the Backstop Divider to keep product from falling off of shelving and to help keep flue spaces uniform. 


The Flue Space Divider (shown below) doubles your shelf space by creating 2 small aisles on a single shelf. This design is great for aisle picking needs or organization of smaller items. Most importantly, it keeps a uniform dividing space down the center of any wire deck. 



Although these 4 design options cover most possible application needs a warehouse might face, Worldwide also offers custom designed dividers to suit any unique need. 


There is never a bad time to decrease clutter and increase efficiency! Worldwide knows that even the smallest details of your warehouse count for a lot. Create a facility that your team is proud of with the best pallet rack organization accessories in the biz!

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