BLOG ARCHIVE | Introducing the POWER of PRODECK50

Big or small, this deck truly stores it all! ProDeck50, manufactured by Worldwide Material Handling, is a new type of pallet rack decking, performing with more strength and adaptability than any other deck on the market. In fact, this exclusive, patented design is the industry’s first single-piece pallet rack decking with a smooth, flat surface.

Prodeck50 is considered stronger and more versatile than other decking options because of its unique construction. The hole pattern prevents small parts from falling through the deck, making it perfect for hand stacking applications. The smooth, flat surface is great for storing items that can be easily snagged or scratched by traditional wire deck. On top of these advantages, a standard ProDeck can handle up to 250 pounds per square foot.

The punched style steel creates unparalleld strength, while keeping 50% open surface area to meet NFPA13 fire code and sprinkler requirements. This feature sets ProDeck apart from the competition because of its ability to give the best of both worlds. The high air flow passage combined with its impressive strength make ProDeck50 the most unique and sought-after decking option available.

Best of all, making the switch to ProDeck50 is easy! Installation can be done without tools and can be installed on pallet rack or bulk rack, accommodating beam lengths up to 96 inches. 

For unique decking options that will transform the way your warehouse operates, turn to these patent exclusives by Worldwide Material Handling and Put A Powerhouse In Your Warehouse.



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