BLOG ARCHIVE | Pallet Rack Repair: The Perfect Way to Combat Inflation

Inflation is the thing on everyone’s mind right now, making one question more prominent than ever: What can I do to save some money?
Although our pallet rack repair specialties are nothing new, we believe it could be your latest saving grace. Repairing pallet rack instead of replacing it can do wonders for a warehouse looking to save on unexpected costs.

The most common pallet rack damage is found on the front column of the pallet rack frame due to forklift impact. Additional damage to the reinforcing horizontal and diagonal struts is also likely whenever column damage occurs. Our pallet rack repair kits are made to address the wide spread of issues that these damages may cause.


So how can you be sure if repair is your best option? Here are our top 4 reasons why we recommend pallet rack repair:



As mentioned above, repairing pallet rack is a great alternative to replacing a full pallet rack frame because it's so cost-effective. Why replace a full frame when only one column poses issues? This option will save you money by replacing only what’s damaged at a fraction of the price.



Save money by saving time! Many pallet rack set ups are housing product or storage by the time repair is needed. To unload multiple shelves of product is time consuming, even for a team of employees. Worldwide can address most damages without removing any items from the shelves. By repairing the isolated areas of concern, you save your team countless hours of unloading and reloading. Best of all, our trained installation team and installation equipment can complete most repair jobs in just 30 minutes!



Damaged pallet rack columns are an enormous safety hazard to your facility. Damaged columns can often collapse, resulting in further product damages, personnel injury, or death. Repaired columns are reinforced and supported by industrial strength steel to help avoid more issues in the future.


Repair offers a permanent solution to damaged pallet rack. Long term solutions also grant long term safety in the warehouse. Extend the life of your pallet rack system by repairing areas as needed!


For more cost-effective solutions for any size warehouse, contact our expert sales team today!


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