BLOG ARCHIVE | Warehouse Fire Safety: Protect Your Warehouse From Wildfires


With wildfires affecting many regions of North America right now, we’ve had warehouse fire safety at the front of our minds. While we can’t expect to have much control over wildfires or the traveling haze they cause, we can equip warehouses with precautionary measures to be prepared in other ways.

Here are just a few ways our products can elevate warehouse fire safety and help anyone prepare for these undesirable conditions.



Equipping pallet rack with our exclusive punched decking is the top recommendation for warehouses looking to put a serious emphasis on fire safety. ProDeck50’s unique construction keeps a 50% open surface area, which allows smoke to filter up and out. This complies with NFPA13 fire codes without sacrificing any strength or stability. Best of all, ProDeck50 is suitable for most pallet rack and bulk rack applications! 





Keeping flue spaces in racks clear and uniform is a must. The WorldStop is the strongest, most cost-effective flue space divider that provides a fixed 6” (or more) longitudinal flue space for industrial pallet rack applications. Installing a single or double sided Worldstop will keep flue spaces consistent and effortless. As with the ProDeck50, this space allows smoke to filter up and out as opposed to the heat getting trapped within the shelving space.




Even if your facility is in an area only experiencing smoke fallout from neighboring states, high visibility protection pieces can become critical when smog is present. Protect walkways, pallet rack, machinery, and more with industrial-strength guard railing and bollards. The safety yellow stands out even on a smoky day and can be used indoor or outdoor.



It's always a good idea to stay as prepared as possible for nature's intense and unpredictable circumstances. These products are a great place to start when working towards a safer warehouse. Putting warehouse fire safety at the forefront can one day result in saving inventory, or possibly even a life. 

Contact us today to start the journey to a safer warehouse! Our experts can guide you through choosing the products which best suit your needs or create something entirely custom!



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