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Worldwide Material Handling is an industry-leading manufacturer of pallet rack accessories, warehouse safety products and rack repair solutions. As the largest manufacturer of its kind, Worldwide strives to bring products to the industry that will serve both the safety and efficiency of every operation. 

Recently, a new product has been making strides in terms of safety technology. ProDeck50 is an exclusive patented designed steel pallet rack decking solution that has proven to outperform traditional wire deck time and time again.

ProDeck50’s unusual construction is the secret to its strength and versatility. It is the industry’s first, single-piece decking with a smooth, flat surface. Along this smooth surface are rows of punched holes, which allows for 50% open surface area. This open surface area is extremely important when considering fire safety and NFPA13 fire code compliance.

Its uniquely smooth design allows you to safely store items that might otherwise get snagged or scratched by traditional wire decking. Items such as carpet, bankers' boxes, mattresses, or automotive parts can be stored without the fear of these unnecessary damage. Plus, surface space between these holes allows you to easily place tough-to-store items like furniture.

While ProDeck50 is perfect for the previously mentioned larger items, it has some major benefits for small items as well. The narrow hole pattern is designed to help keep small parts from falling through the deck, making hand-stacking applications much easier and more efficient.

ProDeck50 is truly the first of its kind in more ways than one. Unlike corrugated decking options, which typically need additional hardware or decking components to function effectively, ProDeck50 is made to simply drop into place. No additional tools or add-ons are needed, keeping installation costs and efforts to a minimum.

Accommodating beams of any length and depths up to 96”, ProDeck50 installs easily in boltless, clip-style, or wide-span shelving by dropping into place. The flush design keeps the beam face clear for a clean appearance and easy labeling. Handling an impressive 250 pounds per square foot, this powerhouse punched deck is quickly becoming a highly sought-after decking alternative.

ProDeck50, manufactured exclusively by Worldwide Material Handling, is elevating warehouses around the world with its capabilities. Place your trust in the power of ProDeck50 and Put A Powerhouse In Your Warehouse.




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