BLOG ARCHIVE | Step Up Your Warehouse's Safety Game

Written by Karina Kedaitis

WorldPro products by WWMH.

In a warehouse environment, safety could mean a wide array of things. Keeping up with safety codes and weeding through the list of product options can grow to be an overwhelming process. However, the safety of your warehouse is not the component of your business to be cutting corners on, adding even more pressure to a facility’s selections.

It’s no secret that the warehousing world is pushing safety more than ever. Warehouse safety products and strategies have become a huge point of discussion in meetings, trade shows, publications, and businesses of every size. Because this topic can be so daunting, Worldwide Material Handling has stepped up to take some of that work off your plate by creating their own version of the “one-stop-shop” that will take you from a warehouse to a powerhouse without the headache. 

Their finely engineered collection of safety products continues to fall perfectly in line with their reputation of providing only the strongest, most trustworthy warehousing accessories on the market. With roots a quarter-century deep in the world of pallet rack and wire decking, Worldwide’s safety products naturally cover all possible needs in pallet rack protection - including custom capabilities to suit even the most unique protection needs.

The WorldStop by WWMH.

Worldwide’s safety product line, also known as the WorldPro line, offers a variety of pallet rack protectors and end-of-aisle guards to shield the bottom section of rack columns, where most day-to-day damage occurs. For further dedication to the warehouse safety revolution, Worldwide keeps the largest stocked inventory of pallet rack protectors on earth. Some designs are even patented Worldwide exclusives and have given a sense of innovation to the way we think about pallet rack safety (check out the WorldRAM column protection guard and the WorldStop pallet rack flue space divider to learn more).

Amongst these innovative designs, however, are also versions of the most basic safety necessities such as customizable warehouse guard rails. Worldwide confidently offers just one grade of strength in their railing - industrial strength - fit to protect machinery, walkways, in-plant offices, personnel, inventory and equipment with full reliance.  

As the WorldPro product line continues to grow, so do the opportunities to raise the standards of warehouse safety.  Be sure to keep an eye on Worldwide Material Handling as they continue to build their own world of safe warehousing.

WorldRail by WWMH.



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