BLOG ARCHIVE | Taking the Headache Out of Pallet Rack Damage

Damaged pallet rack is a common issue within warehouses all over the world. Daily wear and tear, as well as accidental impact, will greatly affect even the strongest pallet rack systems. When faced with rack damage, it’s crucial to address it as soon as possible to avoid further accident or injury. Of course, most warehouses also need the issue addressed without disrupting the daily flow of operations. This is when Worldwide’s pallet rack repair kits become a highly-sought-after solution.    

Repairing pallet rack is an approach that offers many advantages… Some that may even be more appealing than installing brand new rack!  By repairing an isolated area of damage, the headache of unloading product, dismantling the current rack set up, and replacing the full pallet rack frame is eliminated. Using Worldwide’s rack repair method, damages are cut out with precision, and the repair kit is installed in its place. With Worldwide's pallet rack repair kits, damage is easily repaired, and the pallet rack system is restored to OEM specifications for a safe and permanent solution. 

Another huge advantage of choosing repair over replacement is the cost savings. Most repair kits can be installed quickly – often in just 30 minutes – so getting a warehouse back to operating at full capacity is no sweat. 

With all of this to gain, Worldwide’s rack repair kits have become an unrivaled solution! They are suitable to use on all types of pallet rack and can be further customized if necessary. With various kit sizes and styles to choose from, these kits can address virtually any type of damage.

Worldwide’s pallet rack repair kits are a long-term solution to grant continual safety in the warehouse, all while saving money. Extend the life of your pallet rack systems by simply repairing areas as needed!

Find out more about our incredible pallet rack repair solutions or contact us to get started today!


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