BLOG ARCHIVE | Worldwide's Takeaway From MODEX2020

Written by Karina Kedaitis


Worldwide, along with many other companies, just wrapped up a week at the annual MODEX tradeshow in Atlanta, GA. This show creates a unique overlap of many pieces of the supply chain industry- bringing together robotics, packaging, warehousing equipment, and much more. This year’s attendance was noticeably affected by the global distress caused by COVID-19, which forced many vendors to regretfully withdraw from the show. Despite this distress, many companies and attendees showed up anyhow, insisting that the show must go on.

In a way, the determination to keep supply chain innovation alive during a time of social distancing subtly spoke to the industry itself – pushing through obstacles and keeping goods moving despite any outside forces. Elbow bumps instead of handshakes and an underlying sense of solidarity created a tone which suggested that each person there cared greatly about “keeping the world running” in the way the supply chain does.  

Worldwide proudly featured their newest exclusive accessory- The WorldStop – which promotes fire safety in the warehouse by keeping a uniform flue space on pallet rack applications.  The booth also showed off Worldwide’s roots with a sleek display of black wire deck and different sized industrial wire baskets. Aiding to an emphasis on warehouse safety, attendees had the chance to see a full display of pallet rack protection accessories such as aisle guards and various column guards.

Wire dividers, now available from stock, were a popular addition which prompted new organization ideas for show attendees and their facilities. Other areas of expertise by Worldwide extended to their trusted pallet rack repair designs and versatile safety guard rail.

As a participant in the MODEX Student Days program, the sales staff of Worldwide gave presentations to groups of students about pallet rack and wire decking. This valuable time allowed students to get answers to any questions about the industry, its goods, and even personal opportunities they may have. 

Being a huge supporter of the MODEX show and the MHI organization, Worldwide Material Handling remains thankful for the opportunity to participate in such an event. Being immersed in the industry, connecting with others, and exploring new possibilities are all driving forces in what makes Worldwide another success story in material handling.


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