BLOG ARCHIVE | 3 Small Investments That Make A Big Difference


The holiday season is something most of us get excited about. However, it’s no secret that our wallets take the biggest hit during this time of year. With budgets being a little tighter, improving details in the warehouse may not be at the top of the list as we close one calendar year and gear up for the next.

While there are countless ways to improve a warehouse, we’ve chosen these 3 exclusive Worldwide Material Handling products for anyone looking to make a big impact from a small investment.





Lightweight, low profile, and easy to install! These wire mesh dividers are made specifically for wire deck storage to further compartmentalize items within the pallet rack system. Choose from multiple styles to best suit your needs! Our wire mesh pallet rack dividers will instantly elevate organization and add ease to order picking.






Keeping flue spaces clear and uniform is a must. The WorldStop is the strongest, most cost-effective flue space divider that provides a fixed 6” (or more) longitudinal flue space for industrial pallet rack applications. Installing a single or double-sided Worldstop will keep flue spaces consistent and effortless. With fire present, the Worldstop allows smoke to filter up and out through the flue space, as opposed to the heat getting trapped within the shelving space. In a way, this small investment could one day save other larger investments from damage!





Absorbing more force than any other column protector in existence, the WorldRAM fully protects the front and sides of any roll-formed or structural steel column. The exceptional performance of this column guard comes from the unique design, which combines rubber elastomers and steel for unparalleled strength against harsh impact. In addition to protecting a column, adding a WorldRAM reduces column stress by 72%!


All 3 of these products install quickly and easily, keeping your warehouse moving during this busy time. End the year with an investment that will carry you through 2024 and beyond!


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