BLOG ARCHIVE | 3 Ways to Make Your Warehouse Safer

Written by: Karina Kedaitis


The supply chain is hustling in ways it's never hustled before. Many facilities are experiencing things like staff shortages and increased demands, which undoubtedly adds concern for workers’ safety. While new safety precautions and regulations are being implemented into facilities everywhere, it might serve as a great opportunity to reevaluate your safety needs in other aspects as well.

Worldwide has 3 safety ideas for your warehouse that are quick to install, cost-effective, and can prove critical enough to make or break a warehouse’s success.


Implementing safety accessories like end of aisle guards, column protection and post protectors could be some of the easiest ways to add security during a hectic time. These pieces install quickly and will guard pallet rack columns from accidental impact. Worldwide’s A-list column guard, known as the WorldRAM, combines steel and rubber for a no-fuss, industrial strength column guard that brings the meaning of “impact absorption” to a new level. WorldRAMs are stackable for more column coverage but even one alone will reduce peak stress in a column by 72%.



If your facility is functioning day-to-day without the use of industrial guard rail, it may be time to consider changing that. A simple installation could make all the difference in an unpredicted moment on the job.  Worldwide’s guard rail is extremely versatile, giving you multiple options when creating the height and shape of your barrier. With an impressive impact rating of 12,000 lbs. at 4 mph, this installation is one of the easiest ways to protect walkways, in-plant offices, inventory, and equipment.



The flue space is another detail which can be easily overlooked but remains critical to the true test of safety. Keeping a uniform flue space on pallet rack is not only a mandated fire code, it could also save assets and personnel from serious danger in the event of a fire. The WorldStop will grant you perfect pallet placement every time so you can set it and forget it. This patented design is a game changer for so many warehouses around the world because of its ability to mount onto any pallet rack system. These pieces are small, lightweight, and low profile but add confidence and certainty to every single pallet placement.

During a time of uncertainty, we find strength in what we know. Worldwide knows warehouse safety and we’re here to take out the guess work for you. The journey to a safer warehouse starts here!
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