BLOG ARCHIVE | Introducing the Worldwide Material Handling WorldPro Family:

Searching for a stronger way to safeguard your warehouse and prevent accidents in a single bound?

Our WorldPro™ pallet rack protection solutions are proven to be the most effective option to prevent forklift damage to pallet racks, inventory and other warehouse assets. All our pallet rack protection solutions are powder coated safety yellow to increase awareness and provide maximum visibility in every facility.

Meet the family:

  • The VGuard™ rack frame protector is our most popular choice for reach truck applications and pallet rack damage protection. The 4-inch high VGuard post protector is built with 5/16-inch thick steel construction to absorb outrigger impact and mounted with a heavy 3/4-inch diameter floor anchor to provide column protection.
  • Our ColumnGuard™ pallet rack guards are designed to prevent damage to your pallet rack by protecting the bottom portion of the frame where most pallet rack damage occurs. All our ColumnGuard pallet rack guards come standard as a floor mounted design and are available in 12-, 18- or 24-inch heights. The ColumnGuard fits a standard 3-inch wide column with a footplate up to 3 ¾-inches wide. Pallet rack guards for 4-inch wide columns are available upon request.
  • The WorldGuard™ is the only pallet rack frame protector that allows reinforcement and protection of the pallet rack at the same time. The 24-inch tall WorldGuard is 3/16-inch thick and is pre-punched for easy installation. The 3-inch wide channel mounts tightly on and around the pallet rack column to keep the rack bay opening clear and the 3-inch high-by-5/16-inch thick bull-nose guard with an unexposed anchor deflects the forklift to keep the damage away from the column.
  • WorldRAM™ is the world’s best-in-class pallet rack protection solution and outperforms all other poly/plastic or steel designs. The patented hybrid design of rubber elastomers and steel provides the superior impact absorption of rubber and the durability of steel into a single unit.
  • Our AisleGuard™ end of aisle rack protectors are the ultimate choice for end of row pallet rack protection. This design will protect the entire depth of the frame from forklift impact and is perfect for intersecting aisles or at the end of each pallet rack aisle where forklift traffic is heaviest.
  • Our WorldRail™ solution helps protect your machinery, walkways, in-plant offices, personnel, inventory and equipment from damage or injury. Guard rail posts come in heights of 18 or 42 inches and are pre-punched on all four sides to allow maximum versatility. We offer rail lengths from 2 thru 10 feet on post centers, in 1-foot increments and can accommodate custom rail lengths if required.

All our WorldPro pallet rack protection solutions are designed and manufactured to the highest quality and engineering standards in the industry. We have the largest inventory of pallet rack protection solutions in the world and provide custom sizes and options for your specific needs.

Don’t leave safety to chance. Start protecting your warehouse — and everything in it — with WorldPro pallet rack protection products from Worldwide Material Handling.


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