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New Year, New Upgrades! 

Although Worldwide Material Handling is best known for manufacturing wire decking, we also offer an extensive collection of products designed to enhance any warehouse space. Recognized for state-of-the-art fabrication and superior safety standards, Worldwide is an industry-leading resource in material handling. Our experts aim to improve warehouses in a multitude of ways, from industrial storage to protection and repair.

So, how can you start the year off with a stronger, more efficient space? The bullet points below offer some suggestions on where to start with creating a better warehouse… and it’s easier than you might think!


Pallet Rack Protection

  • Post protection accessories and end of aisle guards are extremely durable and built to protect pallet rack columns from being damaged. Quality column protection is crucial for the longevity of pallet rack investments. Worldwide’s post-protection products are available in a variety of styles and sizes, all of which are powder-coated in safety yellow for high visibility. 
  • The WorldRAM is a unique style of post protection using the strength of steel and the elasticity of rubber. This combination creates an elevated level of protection against forklift damage. Best of all, installation for the WorldRAM and other post-protection pieces is fast and easy!



Warehouse Protection

  • Keep flue spacing consistent and fool-proof with the WorldStop. This product ensures the perfect pallet placement every time to comply with fire codes and keep your facility safer. The WorldStop comes in multiple lengths to create a 6” flue, a 12” flue, or an 18” flue space. The WorldStop installs easily using tek screws and is available in a single-ended or double-ended pallet stop. Custom designs and sizes can be manufactured to fit every pallet rack application.
  • Industrial guard rails come in multiple sizes and feature 4-way setup capabilities to create the perfectly configured barrier for your facility. Worldwide’s guard railing has a superior impact rating of 12,000 lbs. at 4 mph. Easily bolt guard rail posts to the floor to protect walkways, machinery, in-plant offices, or inventory from damage. 
  • Industrial strength bollards can serve a similar purpose by adding a less invasive barrier to exposed areas, such as loading bays or walkways. Worldwide’s bollards measure 42” tall and 4.5” in diameter. All our bollards are powder coated in safety yellow for high visibility throughout the warehouse.



  • ProDeck50 is Worldwide’s exclusive punched-style deck and is designed for both pallet rack and bulk rack applications. The punched-hole pattern prevents small parts from falling through the deck but also suits large, hard-to-store items such as furniture. The smooth surface will prevent items from tearing or snagging while maintaining an impressive capacity of 250 lbs. per square foot.
  • Standard-sized wire decks are constructed in a 2.5” x 4” x 6-gauge wire mesh pattern with a durable powder coat finish. Choose from a variety of channel styles to tailor the deck to your specific needs. Installation is incredibly easy – no tools required!
  • Wire mesh containers, also referred to as wire baskets, act as an easy storage or transportation solution for just about anything. Many aspects of this container can be customized by choosing from different styles of access gates, lids, feet attachments, internal dividers, and more. When empty, wire mesh containers can collapse for condensed storage. When fully assembled, storage remains easy with the ability to stack up to 4 baskets high. It’s no mystery why major operations around the world have depended on these containers for decades.


Pallet Rack Repair

  • Save yourself from the headache of replacing a damaged pallet rack. Worldwide’s pallet rack repair kits are a budget-friendly, time-saving solution to fixing column damage! These rack repair kits are compatible with most types of pallet rack and will improve the integrity and lifespan of the pallet rack system. Worldwide’s repair kits are made to the highest standards in the industry and can transform most points of damage in just 30 minutes!




Make 2024 the year of improvements! For projects of all sizes, our team of experts is here to help.

Contact us today to get started with putting a POWERHOUSE in your warehouse.




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