BLOG ARCHIVE | Wire Deck VS. ProDeck50


Our newest product, ProDeck50, has been creating a buzz around the industry. This punched style deck is a new and improved way to store things within any pallet rack or bulk rack system. Since ProDeck is such new territory for us all, we’ve looked at 3 areas of comparison between wire rack decking and punched deck to see how they really stack up: installation, capacity, and storage versatility.



Both wire deck and ProDeck50 are very easy to install and simply drop into place. No tools required! Once in place, organization is easy. The difference? ProDeck50’s beam face lays flush, making it available for labeling- as opposed to wire deck which features a waterfall front to secure to pallet rack beams. However, organizing is still achievable thanks to our optional wire mesh dividers! All in all, installation for both styles of decking is simple and straightforward… exactly the way we like it!




Traditional wire deck’s capacity is based on UDL (uniform distributed load) to determine the safest and strongest configuration for your set up. Wire deck is made of a wire mesh pattern, which measures standard at 2 ½” x 4” x 6”. The wire mesh design prevents dust from accumulating and allows light to filter through each storage level. While this mesh pattern is a reliable industry standard on pallet rack shelving, the benefits of it sometimes depends on what you’re storing.

This is where ProDeck50 is making a noticeable difference by comparison. ProDeck50 makes a major statement with its capacity rating, holding up to an impressive 250 lbs per square foot. The punched steel design results in a completely smooth and flat surface, while keeping a 50% open surface area to allow light and airflow to still filter through. It’s almost like the best of both worlds!




What truly sets ProDeck50 apart from wire deck is the versatility. ProDeck can accommodate difficult-to-store items in ways that wire deck can not. While traditional wire deck can be used for almost any type of storage, it does require additional problem solving when it comes to storing small parts, awkwardly shaped items, or anything that will rip easily. ProDeck50 is built by punching holes through a solid sheet of steel, making the surface area wider and often better for handling small parts that may otherwise fall through the holes of a deck. 

That being said, don’t assume that smaller items are all ProDeck is good for! Things like furniture, carpeting or mattresses can be stored without a fear of ripping or scratching the product. Chairs or tables, for example, can be easily stacked without the legs falling through the deck or sitting unevenly. ProDeck50 also addresses the needs of oddly shaped items like automotive parts, plumbing supplies, sports equipment, and more. Because of this wide range of product accommodation, ProDeck50 is our pick for being the most versatile with storage needs.


Which option is best suited for you – wire mesh deck or ProDeck50? It all comes down to the unique needs within your facility. The good news is that Worldwide’s team specializes in answering that exact question. Contact our sales team for a personalized quote on pallet rack wire decking, ProDeck50, and so much more.




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